Social Empowerment

Zeze Zahra already owns around 20 goats that are taken care of on a daily basis by Pak Amoy, who also takes care of our cabin house, rice fields, and other livestock.

For the banana plantation and cornfield, they are usually taken care of by other family members. We call one of them “Bang Kiong” or “Mr. Snail” because, apparently, he used to spend a lot of time in the fields and rarely came home. Haha… I forgot his real name and he did not refuse to be called by that name.

Since Bang Kiong and his family take care of the plantation every day, they once had an idea to raise cows, as there was plenty of grass and livestock feed available in the banana plantation and cornfield.

Because the cost of investing in cows is quite high, the plan is to start the livestock business with goats. I asked Bang Kiong and his family to calculate the costs, starting from building a simple pen, buying female and male goats, to other expenses. Later, I will create something like a budget plan to make it easier to calculate the costs and potential development.

I asked Zeze Zahra’s staff, Darto and Adul, to build the simple pen, with the help of Bang Kiong and his family. I gave them the freedom to design the shape of the pen and measure its size. For the initial stage, the plan is to have four female goats and one male goat.

I also plan to plant “odot” grass as a forage so that the livestock development process is not hindered by feed problems.

This livestock business is a side business to have an external savings while waiting for the banana and corn harvest. The main intention is to help increase Bang Kiong and his family’s income, as they will be able to contribute better to Zeze Zahra’s needs.

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