Solved : Could not connect to wicd’s D-Bus interface

I’m a huge fans of wicd network manager due to it’s feature and stabilty. Actually, I’m having a bad experience with KDE Network Manager in the past and finally 98% satisfied with wicd, although I’m currently using Gnome Desktop Manager and found that Gnome Network Manager doesn’t too buggy like KDE does.
One main problem that make me feel unhappy with wicd is the problem on start-up. Wicd always complains about D-Bus problem like below :

Could not connect to wicd’s D-Bus interface.  Check the wicd log for error messages.

I found nothing for resolved this problem. I’m trying any suggestion on various sources with no luck. I also try to upgrade wicd to the latest version but the problem still persist. The problem may only occurred with standard user, because I have no problem with root authentication. I would also used the wicd without problem by running the “wicd” command within konsole and with root permission. But it’s not really comfortable because I will see same error each time  rebooting the computer .
I finally manage this problem by activating wicd service on YAST runlevel. So, the main problem why wicd doesn’t work correctly because wicd depends on d-bus services. Wicd installer doesn’t pick the correct runlevel and doesn’t enabled the d-bus service by default.
Below is the solution for manage wicd problem regarding D-Bus Service :

  1. Go to YAST | System | System Services (Run Level)
  2. Enable & start the wicd services. Click Continue if YAST confirmed to enabled the D-BUS service also
  3. Run the wicd network manager

Activating wicd services on YAST runlevel will also set-up wicd to permanently run on boot.

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