Solved : K3b Problem with Normal User on openSUSE 11.1

Well, this is another problem on K3b after the previous one. The previous problem occurred on PC workstation and now I got another problem on my laptop.
K3b could not executed properly with normal user, while it was no problem with root permission. It seems not only me got this problem. See the bugzilla here and there.
I try to executed K3b within konsole and login status as normal user. K3b said that I have no permission to accessing /dev/sr0 (permission denied).
After google for a while, there is some work around for resolving this problem :

  1. In my case, I do chmod 666 /dev/sr0. It solved my current problem
  2. Try to add your user id to disk and cdrom group by using YAST | Security & Users| User & Group Management. Choose your id and then Edit |Detail
  3. Used acl to give proper access control setting
    [code language=’cpp’]setfacl -m your-user-gid:rw /dev/sr0
    [/code] to /etc/init.d/boot.local
  4. Check status of /dev/sr0 with ls -l /dev/sr0 and checked if it has ‘+’ sign. Please refer to this for assistance
  5. Make your user a member of “cdrom” group by following step 2 and then create /etc/udev/rules.d/99-my.rules file with the following entry :  KERNEL==”sr*[0-9]”, GROUP=”cdrom”, MODE=”0660″ and then reboot
  6. Patch /usr/share/PolicyKit/policy/org.freedesktop.hal.device-access.policy. Refer to this patch for assistance.
  7. Refer to this thread for another solution 😀

7 thoughts on “Solved : K3b Problem with Normal User on openSUSE 11.1

  1. “Patch /usr/share/PolicyKit/policy/org.freedesktop.hal.device-access.policy. Refer to this patch for assistance.”
    How can I use that patch?
    Thanks for the excellent tips

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