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Anyone who asked about the story inside the Linux Foundation Purchase of should go to this article. The story started after a controversial feature news posted on January 01, 2009 with the title “a new year, a new”

Many of you have commented that our NewsVac section hasn’t been refreshed since the middle of last month. Others have noticed that our story volume has dropped off. Changes are coming to, and until they arrive, you won’t see any new stories on the site.
For legal reasons, we can’t tell you yet about what’s coming — but we’re not joining forces with Microsoft or any other proprietary software company. As soon as we can tell you, you’ll hear it here first.

The story has been revealed after the announcement about take over.
Just a memorial moment, The URL was a main asset for of VA Linux, SourceForge’s original name. Rumors said that the URL worth for about one million dollars. maybe one of such qualified domain name so it would be possible if SourceForge keep it as their main asset.
Asked about the reason why the transfer took so long, Jim Zemlin, the executive director of the Linux Foundation, refused comment. However, Jon Sobel, group president, media at SourceForge, replied, “There was no specific reason. We did our best to preserve the site, but, understanding that this relationship [between SourceForge and the Linux Foundation] would likely come to fruition, we were careful not to do anything that would interfere with its future. We were proceeding with a great deal of care.”
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