Temporary Solved : Annoying Bug on Firefox 3 Right Click Menu

bug-firefoxRight click problem on Firefox 3 makes me crazy 🙂
I got annoying problem for context menu on Firefox 3 with openSUSE 11.1. The right click menu often accidentally open a random context menu. It may automatically opened current page in a new window, in a new tab, open the bookmark or favorites menu, open link properties and so on.
At first time, I think the problem occurred  because I have a broken mouse, so I throw out the mouse and replace it with a new one. The problem still exist and I’m thinking something problem with my openSUSE.
After various Google search, I found out that the problem is Firefox bug. It wasn’t hit openSUSE only, because same annoying bug also hit Ubuntu. Take a look here, here and there.
Mozilla developer has been working on this issue and probably attach the fix on next release. Below is some workaround for temporary solving the problem :

  1. Install mouse gestures add-on. I tried it and the crazy problem was gone.
  2. Try to hold down right click before choose the appropriate menu
  3. Disable right click and used the scroll menu
  4. Remove Firefox 3 and installing Firefox 2 or another web browser 😛 . Opera is a good choice either…

The last workaround just for fun only. Don’t take it too serious 🙂
Note : Image credited to http://cybernetnews.com/wp-content/uploads/2007/11/firefox-bug.jpg

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