Tips for Raising Goats and Cattle: Napier Grass as a Natural Feed Bank

Napier grass, or Pennisetum purpureum cv. Mott, is a type of grass that is very beneficial as livestock feed. The wide and thick leaves of Napier grass provide a lot of the nutrients needed by livestock. Napier grass is rich in protein, fat, fiber, minerals, and vitamins needed by livestock.

One of the main benefits of Napier grass as livestock feed is its high protein content. Protein is an essential nutrient for the growth and reproduction of livestock. Napier grass also contains fat and fiber that are needed to maintain the health of the livestock’s digestive system.

In addition, Napier grass can also be used as a feed bank or feed reserve. Napier grass can be dried and stored as feed for a long period of time. This is very important in situations where natural feed production is disrupted by weather or environmental factors. Napier grass can be used as a reserve feed that will be used when natural feed production is inadequate.

I conducted a test of raising several goats to empower rural communities around the location of the Zeze Zahra cabin. There are about 15 goats being raised by one family. The cooperation is done using a profit-sharing mechanism, with each party getting half of the profits.

To help facilitate the process of feeding livestock, I made an experiment of planting Napier grass. With the specific planting of grass, feeding livestock can be done easily and without the need for time-consuming tasks.

This effort is an initial effort to empower the community. If successful, the process will be duplicated to a wider coverage so that it can be more beneficial for the community.

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