Tips for Saving and Making Money: Plant Once, Harvest Many Times

Can you guess what kind of banana for these photos?

The photo on the left is of Barangan bananas. I bought the seedlings from a certified supplier in Medan, North Sumatra, in the form of tissue culture seedlings. I purchased 100 seedlings shipped in a styrofoam box using inter-island bus delivery services.

The photo on the right is of Raja banana seedlings. I’m not entirely sure which variety of Raja is, but it tastes similar to Raja Bulu bananas. I got the seedlings from a family living in Brebes.

Initially, I planted them just for fun, but the plants grew vigorously and have been harvested several times. My initial intention was just for family consumption, but it turns out we had too many, so eventually, I could earn extra income by selling the harvest.

While crops like rice, melons, or watermelons require new seedlings after each harvest, bananas can grow new shoots and new seedlings. The second harvest also comes quicker because the age gap between the shoots isn’t too significant.

Bananas are an example of a plant that, when cared for properly, teaches us how to prepare offspring so they don’t become a sandwich generation and can be self-sufficient and provide for themselves.

Want to give it a try, planting once and harvesting multiple times?

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