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Excellent Samba 4 Appliance has many benefit to simplify active directory serverdeployment using Samba 4. Excellent Samba 4 appliance built with the following target :

  1. Create minimum appliance based on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 SP2 (can also be built with openSUSE variant)
  2. Include all required dependency file, especially for Samba4 compilation process
  3. Automatically compile Samba 4 binary and install it into /usr/local/samba
  4. Include Windows Administrative Tools for Windows XP and Windows 7
  5. Include a script for Samba 4 provisioning by asking some parameters


Using script has some benefits over manual install :

  1. Can be done several times with different parameters
  2. Avoid typos
  3. Reduced setup time
  4. By pass manual process, suitable for newbie that unfamiliar with manual configuration

All scripts are included in Excellent Samba 4 Appliance since version 0.9.1. The script is located in the folder / srv/v and to run it simply typing the following command: /srv/v

or for Bahasa Indonesia : /srv/v

Note : Sorry for some minor typo on the script



After running the script, Samba 4 active directory server should be successfully implemented. Use Windows XP or Windows 7, modify it’s DNS configuration to use Samba 4 server as primary DNS, configure correct date & time and then try to joining your Windows client into Samba 4 Active Directory.



After joining client, install Windows Administrative tools available on http://samba4-ip-address (ex ; Windows administrative tools can be used for Active Directory management, including add/remove user, create organization unit, delegate control and implement Group Policy Object (GPO)



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