Unikom Linux Week 2010 : openSUSE Workshop @ Bandung-Indonesia

A friend of mine, Indonesian openSUSE Ambassador and also Indonesian openSUSE Community leader for Bandung West Java, Andi Sugandi has initiated Unikom Linux Week, an agenda for Linux promo but mostly covering openSUSE workshop 🙂 on February 2010 . Beside openSUSE, ULW will also host an Ubuntu and Blankon (Indonesian Local distro) workshop.
Andi asked me about the possibility to join the workshop and give a tutorial on one or two session. I emailed him that I’ll be support the event and accept the request.
I’ll be come to Bandung on Friday, February 12, 2010 to give a short course covering Zimbra Implementation on openSUSE. Click here for a complete schedule on Unikom Linux Week 2010.
Actually, Bandung is a beautiful town and well know as Paris van Java, so, I will also take the moment to my personal agenda : city tour and traveling to some beautiful places in Bandung with my family 😀

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