Vivian Chow & Yoshie Kashiwabara : Beloved

Beloved, my favs song from my fav artist : Vivian Chow.
Have you heard about Vivian Chow before reading my post ? Vivian Chow Hui Min is a popular singer and actress from Hong Kong, known as Mandarin artist. I became her big fans since 1990, 1 year after finished my elementary school :-D.
Vivian Chow known with her beautiful face, with a beautiful long hair. She has earned a reputation for being a kind and humble superstar. However, she did not forget her many great friends along her path to fame, nor does she become arrogant because of her popularity. Therefore, the media dubbed her as Jade Girl for her beautiful, yet elegant appearance, and pure heart.

vivian chow
I’m very crazy loving her :-D since junior high school. It’s looks like very funny and so ridiculous if I take a moment to remembered that’s years. I ever said to my girl friend in the Junior High School (SMAN 2 Bekasi), “I will never marry with Indonesian. I will marry with her or someone who looks like her, a beautiful Chinese girl, with beautiful long hair.” hahaha… Long story : Vivian Chow my Favs 🙂
Photos credit to Janice Lo.

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