VMWare Acquired Zimbra

Rumors that Yahoo will selling Zimbra has been discussed on mail server world for a month or two. The rumors caused some controversy regarding the issue that Yahoo will released Zimbra to Microsoft. The rumors has finally ended : Yahoo selling Zimbra but not for Microsoft, Yahoo sell it to VMWare instead.
As announced by  VMWare and Zimbra, the acquisition will further VMware’s mission of taking complexity out of the datacenter, desktop, application development and core IT services, and delivering a fundamentally more efficient and new  approach to IT. Steve Herrord has published his blog post regarding the reason why Zimbra decided to acquire Zimbra.
I’ve read a positive response to the acquisition. It may (and should be) better than lets Zimbra acquired by Microsoft. Microsoft has their own product : Microsoft Exchange Server. One of the stronger competitors for their product are Zimbra. The Dual License providing by Zimbra (Network Edition and Open Source Edition) mat not be really appropriate for Microsoft business model.
Beside the positive response, we must wait an update for VMWare strategy to expanding Zimbra popularity and market share. Hope VMWare has better attention for Zimbra than what Yahoo shows off for 2 years.

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