WHM Tips : Modify Name Server IP Address

logo_cpanel_whmWHM ( Web Hosting Management ) as the name implies is usually used as a management software for hosting . In addition to hosting management , WHM is also often used as a DNS Server/Name Server. DNS Servermanagement can lead the possibility of name server IP address changes; for example due to server migration into another location.
To make sure the replacement of IP name server used by WHM , perform the following steps :
Change the file contents of the file /var/cpanel/nameserverips.yaml
[code lang=”bash”]
cd / var / cpanel
cp nameserverips.yaml nameserverips.yaml.bak
vi nameserverips.yaml
Adjust the contents of the IP address to match the desired IP address.
Change the contents of the file /etc/nameserverips
The contents of this file are used to display the name server information available on the menu WHM | Networking Setup | Name Server IPs
[code lang=”bash”]
vi / etc / nameserverips
Validating DNS Zone
Do not forget to check on DNS Functions menu | Edit DNS Zone and make sure the contents of zone records related to the name server has the appropriate IP.
After completing the above task, check back on the menu WHM | Networking Setup | Name Server IPs and the WHM menu | Basic cPanel & WHM Setup | Name Servers.  Make sure the IP address of name server has been set in accordance with the desired IP.

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