WordPress Nice Themes from Jauhari for Iin’s Blog

Last week I found an interesting blog. It seems very fancy, not for the design (multiply has it’s own default) but with the photos inside the blog.

Iin Belina Syaiful, known as Iinsyaiful has been posted her nice photos about her young brother. I found it looks amazing, because I feel same experience with my young brother and sister.
Finally, I take a moment to write an email to her about my offer. I want to give her a private domain with web hosting service. She replied my email and agree with my offer, so I contacted Qwords to take belinejolie.com and made a hosting account in my hosting service.

Today, belinejolie.com has been activated and I installing WordPress blog into the domain.

I asked Iin, "Did you got some excellent themes to applied into your blog ?"

She answered my question with another question, "How can I find a nice WordPress themes ?"

I give her some links which provided nice WordPress themes. Themes must be slightly, nice and free to downloaded. While searching an excellent themes, I got an interesting link from jauhari.net.

Jauhari’s Ayumi WordPress Themes looks pretty cool. I asked Iin about this themes and she agree to used this themes into her blog.

After helping Iin to updating her blog, I think it’s a good idea to ported this themes into Serendipity templates. I’ve no experience to do this, so I take an easy way, posted about this themes into Serendipity boards and hope someone ported this nice themes into Serendipity.

Thanks for this nice themes, Jauhari.

Thanks for your nice response, Iin

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