WordPress Tips : Change Dashboard Color Scheme

Since version 3.8, WordPress introduced a new dashboard that look more responsive, modern and good (according to the author, wouldn’t to me, 😛 …). The new display uses a dark color scheme and  black color dominant on the dashboard.
I am personally don’t like dark color and every time I open the dashboard, I feels less comfortable and the dashboard looks less elegant. Because of the dominant black and gray color scheme, the atmosphere is so unpleasant and gloomy, like walking in the night  on heavy rain, flooding and power outages 😛 . Not comfortable and not pleasant to look at 😀
For colleagues who experienced the same feeling, it’s a simple thing to change the color scheme with only a few steps:

  1. Log in to WordPress Admin
  2. Select the Users menu | Your Profile
  3. Select the desired Color Scheme

We can also install certain plugins, such as admin-color-schemes to provide broader choice of color scheme
At the very least, my blog dashboard panel seems no longer dark but looks more pleasant and cool 😉

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