Writing in Various Media

As the end of 2022 approaches, I have been thinking about the writings I post here and on Facebook. This intention is not because my writing is necessarily good but because I think trying to reach a wider audience is okay. It could be better if the ideas and experiences that could benefit others not only come to a limited number of readers.

In addition to being beneficial in conveying valuable ideas and experiences, I also do this in the context of integration, with the ultimate goal of increasing visits to my personal blog, traffic to the Zeze Zahra Youtube channel, or the business scope of Zeze Zahra. That is why I choose to write particular writings related to agribusiness, entrepreneurship, and financial matters that will be written on other blog services.

There are several exciting options for me, including:

  1. Writing on Medium
  2. Writing on Kompasiana (community blog provider in Indonesia)
  3. Writing on Kumparan (A newspaper in Indonesia)

I have already written on Medium. There are two types of writing on Medium; the first one is https://vavai.medium.com/ for Indonesian language writing, which is a copy of the writing on my personal blog, and https://zezevavai.medium.com/ for English language writing from https://vavai.net. This writing model will continue in 2023 and in the years to come.

Between Kompasiana and Kumparan, I finally chose to write in Kompasiana. This decision is not without reason. In the early 2010s, I visited the Kompas Gramedia Group (KKG) office in Palmerah several times to discuss with the Kompasiana team that Mr. Pepih Nugraha and Mr. Iskandar led at the time. I also wrote articles on Kompasiana until I eventually focused on my blog again.

My writings on Kompasiana can be accessed through the following link: https://www.kompasiana.com/zezezahra.

I am also interested in writing on Kumparan to hone my writing skills in the public media. Maybe later, I will write on Kumparan for a specific topic. What needs to be improved is balancing the time to write for each blog provider.

Regarding the hierarchy, the priority for writing is on this personal blog, then on vavai.net, Medium, Kompasiana, and Kumparan. For Medium, it is relatively not too difficult because I can import writings from the blog to Medium, while for Kompasiana and Kumparan, I may create new essays or at least rewrite them for specific themes.

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