ZorinOS on Intel NUC Hades Canyon Series NUC817HVK

I was finally able to get enough free time to try out various features and explore ZorinOS in more detail this weekend. The first thing I did was install ZorinOS on Intel NUC Hades Canyon Series NUC817HVK VR Edition.

The mini computer came with an Intel Core i7-8809G and Radeon VGA, 32 GB RAM (VGEN 16 GB SODIMM DDR4 PC 2400) and 2 Sata M2 SSD disks of 512 GB each. Equipped with many USB ports, 2 thunderbolt ports, an HDMI port and two gigabit network ports and using Windows 10 by default as desktop operating system and VMware vSphere 6.7 as my virtualization home lab.

The installation process went smooth and I can installing ZorinOS alongside my Windows 10 without any problem. ZorinOS detected Windows 10 successfully and resize the disk automatically to give plenty space to ZorinOS. I used ZorinOS Ultimate 64 bit liveUSB, created using Unetbootin on my MacBook Air and it only takes a short time for the installation process. I click all recommended option such as activating live update and additional drivers for seamless experience.

Slick and Polished Desktop
System Information

WiFi was detected properly and I was able to connect to the internet via a hotspot during the install process. Monitor, sound and network card work like a charm. It was a pleasant experience even compared to Linux Mint and ElementaryOS which I consider to be the best Linux Desktop for beginners.

Installing additional software is not much different. I can install it by using GUI menu (Software) or using my terminal command. Based on Ubuntu 18.04, a lot of software that runs on Ubuntu can be installed on ZorinOS as well. Chrome and WPS Office for Linux as my favorite apps are successfully installed by downloading .deb file for Ubuntu and install it automatically using double click or default right click-open menu.

Last but not the least, Youtube and music/video apps. I can play video, movie, mp3 music and listening Youtube music list easily.

All in all, I personally recommend ZorinOS as Linux desktop of choice. I really appreciate and give my highest respect to the efforts made by both founder-Kyrill and Artyom Zorin-and all ZorinOS community for slick and polished Linux Desktop I ever met.

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